Pay Per View Ads

Search Engine PPC and Paid in Accordance with the Pay Per View

Also search auction, Pay Per View, in Baidu, as long as you are out of the price, you will be able to row on the first page, but in google, is not the case, you may not be able to top the highest bid out of hand, but google instead, to get more revenue, this is the key, you can go to research studies.

And for pay per view (PPV)ads, advertisers changing concepts, how to prove that is not easy to solve no fraudulent clicks, advertising effectiveness and so on, this is a whole new concept of consumption, I remember a few years ago google also did not enter the domestic market, Baidu to promote his this “in accordance with online pay per view concept difficult. So, personally feel like baidu and yahoo to search for vendors bidding for core earnings should cherish their advertisers money, otherwise, will eventually abandoned by the market.

Pay per click search engines is not really in accordance with the pay per view, because the click is not equal to the effect, however, for the advertising industry, this is a revolution, but also the freedom of the Internet in order to achieve the above, this really played a advantage of the Internet, Internet advertising is the real product.

I believe that in addition there are more areas like the Internet waiting to be tapped.


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