Pay Per View Ads

Using Pay Per View Advertising, Increase Site Traffic Rankings, Help SEO Website Taobao Spike

For those Taobao stations, spike network, shopping network, they may be no way to put a few ads in pay-per-million a month. But for search engine marketing companies, even if you do not buy an expensive pay per view advertising, and the use of relatively more affordable pay per click advertising optimization technology is still a certain value. AT long spike website to view an organic optimization project to produce results than to see the pay per click advertising requires a longer period of time, while some aspects of best pay per view ads on can actually help to our optimization activities. At long spike website will PPV ads can help us to optimize the activities share a few own views.

A: the use of pay per view advertising improve research
The implementation of a pay per view networks one of the benefits is that you can quickly get a lot of very important data, and then apply these data to our optimization project. This includes keyword research we optimized. Master advertising through pay-per-test the effect of several related keywords and the role of these keywords into our optimization. So we do not like in the past need to be optimized for a keyword month, and then look at this keyword has no effect. Through this approach, we can more easily identify the exact target keywords, which can give you a more accurate direction, so that your site has to have a faster development. Optimization is a long-term if we can cut some of the work of uncertainty, such as target keywords research, optimization of your website will be a good role in promoting.

Two: promoting spike network, shopping network optimization construction sites
AT spike site on hair-paid brand search terms now click advertising effect is the best. When there are a direct visitors to search with your brand, then the user convert your users the chance on the great. In this regard, we can see the importance of a corporate brand and products, as well as we build the brand keyword optimization through pay per click advertising will get better results.

Three: improve user confidence corporate site
Use Pay Per View ads can further improve your overall online brand, and helps visitors to your site to build trust. Through more interaction with visitors, including the use of pay-per-advertising, social media, blog, etc., will improve your search presence, and are more likely to come into contact with your target audience, increase targeted traffic to the site, and ultimately improve the conversion rate.

AT spike website considers should be noted that the key point and some owners think that as long as the pay per view advertising, the more they will be better sites organic rankings. In my opinion, our optimization and pay-per-ad relationship in many aspects, but these relationships do not directly affect the organic rankings site, can only say that for our site to optimize promote role.


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